Tribal Data Resources, Inc. (TDR) has focused its efforts on providing tribes and tribal service organizations with the tools and training necessary to increase their self-sufficiency and administrative resources in these times of reduced federal funding and increased competition.
As the TDR demographics and needs assessment process has proven to be a very useful and effective tool in Tribal data management, we find that all Native American organizations benefit from our unique and comprehensive reporting and mapping process which is utilized in required reporting and funding applications.

- C.R. (Rick) Anderson, President & CEO

Ron Allen, Chairman: President (1996-1999) National Congress of American Indians.
Ron Allen, Chairman: President (1996-1999) National Congress of American Indians. Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe
"As President of the National Congress of Americans, I strongly endorse the benefits of this innovative software and data collection process. This information will allow us to quickly and accurately access data regarding housing status, income, employment, and education. TDR has effectively developed a highly technical system that is user-friendly and applicable specifically to Indian Country."
Lorenda Sanchez, Executive Director
Lorenda Sanchez, Executive Director California Indian Manpower Consortium, Inc.
"The most complete Tribal Demographics System available. Timely, vital, practical information in a professional format.... when we need it."
"TDR is the leader in membership data management technologies. Specializing in providing quality products and services that increase the self-sufficiency and administration capabilities of native membership and registration programs throughout the United States and Canada." (2013)
Simone Wilson, Proposal Writer
Simone Wilson, Proposal Writer Nez Perce Tribe
"I have been recommending TDR’s services to tribal clients at least since 1989. Furthermore, I was a strong proponent for TDR’s complete census program and software package for my own tribe."
The Karuk Tribe of California
The Karuk Tribe of California
"The Karuk Tribe of California contracted with Tribal Data Resources to do a complete Census of our Tribal members in 1992. This Census was undertaken to serve two purposes. The first was to document the location, family structure, and socio economic data for the purposes of planning. By working with TDR in the design of the census questionaire, the Tribe was able to determine how well we were doing in meeting the needs of our membership as well as identifying the unmet needs and the priorities for services identified by our members. This information allowed us to apply for and receive several million dollars in new projects simply because we had the demographic and socio economic data available in a usable format to document the needs of our communities and membership."