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Demographics Summary
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Demographics Summary 3
Education Summary
Employment Summary

People Data Systems (PDS): state-of-the-art demographic data management system, advanced security and archiving capabilities...!


PDS® maintains detailed individual and household information for members, individuals of other descent, and non-native household members for a more accurate display and analysis of household demographics. The information stored in these household records is now at your fingertips with the most advanced query and reporting tools available to Tribes and Bands, as well as those entities that serve and assist them.

In addition, dynamic access to desired records, reports and data is available. Combine these features with advanced security capabilities and you have the state-of-the-art demographic data management system available today.

PDS® software features:

  • A fully indexed on-board instructional help system
  • Fully customizable security assignment capabilities
  • Database archiving feature
  • On-board tribe and culture tables
  • Customizable report library featuring
    • drag-and-drop report building
    • TDRPro sort/filter system
    • mail merge and mailing label print options
    • auto-totalling columnular reporting
  • More Advanced Reporting tool
    • pre-built report formats
    • create charts and graphs
    • auto calculations percentage
  • Summaries
    • Demographics Summary
    • Education Summary
    • Occupation / Employment Summary
    • BIA Labor Force Report
    • Tribal Labor Force Profile Report
    • Child Card Needs Summary
    • Ethnicity Report