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ProgenyES® is the state-of-the-art in membership and enrollment data management software.  

Progeny’s Enrollment Suite is the most complete, scalable, feature packed, and easy-to-use data management tool ever created for tribal enrollment and membership programs.

ProgenyES® combines professional data management capabilities with user-friendly operation. Currently serving over 300 tribal enrollment offices, Progeny will assist you in the organization of Tribal Rolls;  establishment of lineal descendancy, as well as mastering the day-to-day management of a Tribe's most valuable information. This software provides the long-awaited tools which are necessary for today's Tribal Membership and Enrollment professional.


ProgenyES® – New DNA Membership Descendancy Tools


Tribal Data Resources  (TDR) is pleased to announce that ProgenyES® Enrollment Suite will now offer DNA data storage, Profile Reporting and other DNA related features and benefits.
With the assistance of Orchid Cellmark Inc., a world leader in DNA identity testing, Tribal Data Resources is incorporating equested and desirable DNA features into the Nation’s most widely used Tribal Membership technology – ProgenyES®.