American Indian and Alaska Native Interactive Tribal Directory

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Native American Research Association (NARA), in cooperation with Tribal Data Resources, is pleased to offer the most current, accurate, and professionally packaged information available for Contemporary Native America.

Our Pathways directory of American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes is a gateway to Indian Country today.


The utility of this software is enhanced by its ability to provide instant access to information about specific Tribes such as their culture, history, geographic locations, Tribal blood affiliation, membership and contemporary contact information.

Tribes can also provide immediate updated information in the system for global notification and update of changes in executive officers, programs, land status, etc.

Updated information can be provided in CD format for National Tribal Directory users without internet access.

Save Time!
  With a complete (and user-updatable) list of American Indian and Alaska Native Tribal contacts, including Federally recognized, State recognized, and Non-Federally recognized petitioning Tribes.

Save Money!

  With advanced search and mapping capabilities, travel through Indian Country can be planned with pinpoint accuracy and turn-by-turn directions.


  Learn culture, history, membership, and other valuable information about today's Tribal entities. Ideal for marketing and classroom use.

Reach Your Market!

  Pathways telephone directories, mailing labels, and mail merge capabilities help you quickly and easily locate and contact target Tribes.

Pathways’ offers powerful, yet user-friendly search and reporting capabilities.

Search by:

  • Tribe Name
  • Landbase Name
  • Recognition Status
  • State or Region
  • BIA & Alaska Regions
  • Blood / Culture
  • Membership Size
  • Gaming Status
Pathways reporting options include:
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Profile and History Reports
Data Mapping
Phone and Email Directories
Application Screen