Canon Powershot SX100/SX110 Installation Guide

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Canon Powershot SX100/SX110 Installation Guide

Postby [TDR] Nathan Soliz » September 16th, 2010, 3:23 pm

Getting Started
(The follow guide is intended for Windows 7 and Windows XP Operating Systems only)
*Please NOTE: Windows 7/Windows XP should be updated with the latest Updates & Service Packs for full support

To begin with, lay out your cameras materials so you have a clear picture of what you need to do.
It is important to know what we're dealing with.

Items Required:
  • 1x Canon Powershot SX110 or SX100 (SX110/SX100)
  • 1x Canon Instruction Manual, please read manual before starting any hardware installation
  • 1x *Installation CD with Drivers *Please DO NOT install any driver or software from the CD
  • 1x USB A to USB B mini cable
  • 2x AA Batteries
  • 1x SD memory card

Camera Setup
  1. Insert 2x AA batteries
  2. Insert 1x SD memory card
  3. Set your camera dial to AUTO
    (Figure 1: Canon SX110 dial, set to AUTO)
  4. Turn on the camera. Once powered on, you will be prompted to enter a date and time; please complete
  5. After completing date and time update, turn off the camera. *Camera must be powered off before continuing
  6. Plugin the provided USB cable to your Camera and PC
    (Figure 2: USB B mini to Camera / USB A to PC)
    (Figure 3: 1. USB door on Canon SX110/SX100, located near shutter button)

Camera Installation
  1. Close all running non-essential windows applications
  2. Power on your Camera
  3. Ensure that the USB cable is still attached to your camera and PC
  4. Once the camera is powered on, Windows will automatically install default TWAIN drivers
  5. Restart your PC. Be sure that the Camera is still powered ON
    Allow Windows to start-up normally

Confirming Camera Installation
  • Windows 7: Go to your Windows Start button, click on Computer. You should now see an icon for Canon SX110/SX100.
  • Windows XP: Go to your Windows Start button, click on My Computer. You should now see an icon for the Canon SX110/SX100.
    (Figure 4: Canon SX110 Icon in Windows 7)

Capture a photo in ProgenyES
  1. Open ProgenyES (ver. 08.05.21+)
    a. Be sure you have a current database open
  2. Proceed by opening a new record
  3. Once the new record has finished loading, click the green plus button on the photo field
    (Figure 6: Green add button for member photo)
  4. An Image Preview window should now appear
    a. Before clicking on Capture, you must first select your TWAIN source
    b. Click the drop down arrow to the right of the Capture button
    (Figure 5: Drop down arrow to the right of Capture in ProgenyES 8.5.24)
  5. Click 'Select TWAIN source...' menu option
  6. A TWAIN dialog will appear, select WIA Canon Powershot SX110/100
    (Figure 7: WIA Canon Powershot SX110 listing)
  7. After you have sucessfully selected the WIA Canon Powershot as your default camera, click on the Capture button.
  8. A Canon Capture window will appear. In order to take a picture, please click on Take Picture
    (Figure 8: Get Picture Dialog)
  9. Once the camera has taken the photo, please select the most recent photo & then click Get Picture
    a. The most recent photo should appear at the bottom of the list, if more than 6 photos are displayed
    (Figure 9: Photo selected proceed to click Get Picture)

Installation and test completed.
If further assistance is needed, contact TDR technical support.
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