2010, 07/16: ProgenyES v8.5.24 Available

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2010, 07/16: ProgenyES v8.5.24 Available

Postby [TDR] Ross Hammer » July 16th, 2010, 9:04 am

A new certified release of ProgenyES, v8.5.24, has been made available for download via customer login to the ProgenyES website. The main Progeny Setup is available for immediate download and soon a complete CD ISO image will be. Note that a valid license must be already installed or installed separately to enable the software.

Key Updates in this Release:

- Batch ID Printing: A new Standard Reports option has been added to the Report Builder to permit batch ID printing for cards not requiring manual customization, making large re-issues a matter of just a few mouse clicks.

- Kinship Report: New options have been added to the Kinship Report to show enrollment status and BIA Number, as well as using the Layout Manager.

- Affidavit Style 2: New options have been added for showing or hiding the Blood Quantum, SSN, DOB, Parent Names and Residence Status.

- Microsoft Windows Support: TDR no longer supports Microsoft Windows 2000. The required minimum operating system is Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3. This will permit us to continue providing highly functional software and quality support to our valued customers.

- Additional General Improvements: Besides the obvious changes, a number of small improvements, additions and corrections have been made in our efforts to make ProgenyES as effective and reliable as possible.
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