How to update an ID card template (8.5 to 8.8)

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How to update an ID card template (8.5 to 8.8)

Postby [TDR] Nathan Soliz » December 19th, 2012, 11:37 am

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Applies To: v8.8+

!NOTE: To complete the following instructions you must have the correct rights to update your ID card. If any of the buttons are inactive during this how to, you must contact your Progeny administrator.

To begin, open a member record and click on the 'ID Card Options' icon:
[Record menu bar: highlighted ID Card Options button, 4th icon from the left]

Select your Preset and Style (e.g. Membership Card) from the #1 Preset and Style section and then click the (Edit) button:
[ID Card Options: highlighted 'Edit' button located in the #1 Preset and Style section]

On the right side of the expanded ID Card Options dialog, click the 'Select Card Style' (V) drop down arrow to display favorite template(s):
[Expanded ID Card Options Dialog:]

From the favotires section, click on your current ID card template (The ID card template should already be lightly highlighted):
[Select Card Style: highlighted Template design selection]

Click (Update) button (An open dialog will appear):
[Select Card Style: Update button on lower menu]

Select the card template to update, then click (Open)
[Select Card Definition File...: selection of ID card template]

Click (Save) and then click (View) to see your updates
[ID Card Options: Save and View]
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