Can I customize the sorting or order of my reports?

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Can I customize the sorting or order of my reports?

Postby Talisha Melluish » September 5th, 2008, 4:13 pm

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The Progeny Report Builder provides the ability to choose what order to output your reporting columns and in what order to sort the resulting data rows. Rows may be automatically sorted alphabetically or numerically depending on the type of field, including names, ages, birth dates and roll numbers.

To change the order of the columns on your report, select the Output Columns tab of the Report Builder, then click on one of your currently selected output fields (right-hand box) and drag it to the desired new position in relation to the other selected fields.

To change the sort order of the report data rows, select the Sort Fields tab of the Report Builder, then double-click the desired field to sort by in the left-hand Available Fields box. This will add that field as a Selected Sort Field. To sort by multiple fields, double-click on each desired sort field in the left-hand Available Fields box to add them to your Selected Sort Fields and change the sort priority by clicking on a Selected Field and dragging it up or down the list. It is generally only necessary to sort by two or three fields, adding any additional sorting is unlikely to measurably change the resulting report.

By default, the sort order will be in ascending order as indicated by the blue "123" symbol (e.g. "a,b,c", "1,2,3", "1990,1991,1992"). To change to sort a specific field in descending order, right-click on the desired field. The blue "123" will become a red "321" to indicate that field will be sorted in descending order.

NOTE: This can be done with most every field in Progeny.
Talisha Melluish

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