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Why does my new install ask for my server settings?

PostPosted: December 2nd, 2009, 10:21 am
by [TDR] Ross Hammer
Keywords: pathways directory fresh new install server connection settings
Applies To: All Versions

After installing the Pathways directory software and attempting to start it for the first time, on some computers it may prompt for the server connection settings. By default, the Pathways software installs Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express for managing its database. The name for the service is ".\SQLEXPRESS", however if there is already a version of MS SQL Server on the target computer, the new instance may not be installed.

The two most common cases of existing SQL Server installations are the Microsoft Small Business Server and the Symantec Backup Exec software. If you know you have one or the other of these, you can skip to the last paragraph and try "MSSMLBIZ" or "BKUPEXEC", respectively, as the SQL Server instance name. If it doesn't work (or you don't know if you have either of these), proceed with the following instructions.

In most cases, you can configure Pathways to use the existing SQL Server on the computer. To find the service name, open your Control Panel, double-click into the Administrative Tools (in the Classic view), and double-click on Services. Alternately, right-click on your My Computer icon and select Manage, then expand the Services and Applications section on the left and select the Services section.

Once looking at the list of installed services, scroll down the list until you find the SQL Server entries. There will be one or more listed as "SQL Server (somename)", where somename is the name of the installed instance. Make sure the service is started (you may need to double-click the service and change its Startup Type to "Automatic").

In the Pathways Server Settings dialog, enter the instance name with a period slash in front of it, like this, ".\somename", then type "Pathways" in as the Database Name, and click the Test button. You should get a message stating the connection was established. If not, recheck that you typed the SQL Server name correctly, "User Instanced" is selected, and "Windows Authentication" is selected. If it still won't connect, please contact TDR phone tech support for more in-depth assistance.