Why does my database upgrade keep failing?

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Why does my database upgrade keep failing?

Postby [TDR] Ross Hammer » April 1st, 2009, 3:52 pm

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There are two common reasons for a database backup or upgrade to fail: lack of drive space or command timeout. Both may be easily handled.

To verify what the issue is, it is best to first use the Progeny Log window. After logging into Progeny, prior to attempting to open and upgrade your database, select the "Help – About Progeny" menu, then click the "Open Support Window" button at the lower left. Leave the black and red log window open in the background (perhaps positioned so the last few lines are visible below the Progeny window) and go attempt to open and upgrade your database. Any error returned by the SQL Server or MS Windows will be displayed in the log window.

If it has been identified that there was insufficient drive space for the backup, then remove some of your older archived files, buy and install a new larger drive, or otherwise find ways to make additional room.

If it has been identified that Progeny timed out attempting the backup, then the Command Timeout may be increased. To increase the timeout period, log into the Progeny software and navigate to the main Progeny window. Select the "Edit - Options" menu. Choose the "Server" tab, then click the "Advanced" button. The Command Timeout will be shown here (ignore the Connection Timeout). The default Command Timeout is 30 seconds. Often increasing this to 300 seconds (5 minutes) is adequate, however if that is still not enough, you could try 600 or 900 seconds. Generally speaking, setting this value to a large number does not affect performance adversely in any way, it merely permits Progeny to wait for a longer period of time before giving up on any particular operation. Once the Command Timeout is increased, click the OK buttons back to the main window and then close and restart Progeny to insure the new settings take effect, then try to open your database again, accepting the Upgrade process.
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