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Cannot open or edit some records

PostPosted: August 26th, 2008, 9:40 am
by [TDR] Ross Hammer
First make sure this error occurs with just specific records and not all records by randomly opening several unrelated records. If only specific records cannot be opened, this may be caused by a family member accidentally linked twice to the same record, for example as both spouse and child. To correct the issue, open the problem record via the Family Tree Search and from the Family Tree window remove all the links to the record. Exit the Family Tree window and do a regular search for the record, if it opens you may re-link the family members; however, if the problem is not resolved by following these steps call TDR Tech Support for assistance at (530)222-3213.

Newer versions of Progeny have been updated to prevent this issue. Upgrading will correct any existing issue.