Updating the BIA 4432 Expiration Date

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Updating the BIA 4432 Expiration Date

Postby [TDR] Ross Hammer » December 2nd, 2014, 12:18 pm

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Applies To: v8.8.7+

The ProgenyES software includes the government-issued BIA 4432 Indian Preference form. As a U.S. government form, it is overseen by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and includes an expiration date requiring periodic review and update. When the expiration date is reached, if the OMB has not issued a new approval, it enters into a period of monthly renewal. To accommodate this, ProgenyES has a method of overriding the built-in expiration date on the form, enabling easy update without having to update the entire software.

For a PDF document including screen shots, ProgenyES administrators may login with your customer account on the http://www.ProgenyES.com website, select the IT Help Documents section, and download the help document detailing the steps to make this change.

Here are the basic steps:

  • Start and login to ProgenyES with an administrative account.
  • Select the Edit menu.
  • Select the Settings option.
  • Click the Advanced Settings button.
  • Click OK on the warning dialog.
  • Select the Global Settings option.
  • If you see a setting for BIA4432, skip this subsection.
    • Click the Add button.
    • Copy and paste (or type) the following value into the prompt:
      Code: Select all
    • Select the second Context option, which should match the above text exactly.
    • Click OK to finish adding the new item.
  • Select the Expiration option.
  • Copy and paste (or type) the following value, adjusting the date as appropriate:
    Code: Select all
    Expiration Date: 12/31/2014
  • Click the Edit button to apply the change.
  • Click the OK button to close the Configuration Editor dialog.
  • Click the OK button to close the Settings dialog.
  • All users should restart ProgenyES, closing it and then starting it back up and logging in.
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