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Adding a new parent with no birth date closes application

PostPosted: October 23rd, 2008, 4:30 pm
by [TDR] Ross Hammer
Keywords: birth date
Applies to: Version 8.5.14 only

When adding a new parent record to a child record, if no birth date is entered, and you choose to save anyway when the warning indicating a birth date is recommended is displayed, the Progeny application will close with a standard Windows error message. This is a recently discovered issue that will be resolved in a patch (v8.5.15) by early November.

This is only encountered when attempting to save without a birth date, which is never recommended as many reports rely on birth date to calculate age and properly filter results.

The current work around to avoid this issue if a parent must be saved without a birth date is to add the record using the "Add New Record" icon on the left-hand tool bar, then once saved, link the parent via "Add Parent" - "Link to Existing" on the childs data entry Family tab.