How to import ID card template (9.0)

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How to import ID card template (9.0)

Postby [TDR] Nathan Soliz » March 6th, 2014, 4:10 pm

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Applies To: v8.5, v8.8, v9.0

NOTE: To complete the following instructions you must have the correct rights/privileges to update your ID card. If any of the buttons are inactive during this "How To" process, you should contact your Progeny administrator or IT for assistance.

How to import an ID card template into ProgenyES:

  • (Received via Email) If you have received your completed ID card template via email, please save the attached .ZIP to a location easily accessible.
  • (Received via Download) If you have received your completed ID card template via download, please save the download to a location easily accessible.

  • Open the location to where you saved your ID card template .ZIP file.
    (Note: The ZIP may be named as your company_name.ZIP)

  • Open the .ZIP file

  • Right click on the .XML file and choose COPY , you may close your download folder
    (Note: You may have more than one file contained in the .ZIP, select only the .XML file. .XML file may be the name of your company, company_name.XML)

  • Open your ProgenyES Software and login

  • Click on FILE > My Files > My Application Data
    (ProgenyES application window, 1) File Menu 2) My Files 3) My Application Data)

  • The Progeny Application Folder will appear
    (Windows 7 & 8 location c:\programdata\TDR\progeny\)
    (Windows XP folder location: c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\ Application Data\TDR\progeny\)

  • Open the CARDS folder
    (Windows 7 & 8 location c:\programdata\TDR\progeny\cards)
    (Windows XP folder location: c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\ Application Data\TDR\progeny\card)

  • Right click in the middle of the CARDS folder and choose PASTE
    (Note: You should now see your .XML file in the Progeny CARDS folder.
    (.XML template placed into Cards Folder: 1) Shows PASTED .XML file)

  • Close the CARDS folder

  • Return to the ProgenyES application

  • Open a Members Record
    (Note: Select a record you're willing to use for test purposes or create a new record)

  • Click on the Print ID Card Icon, or go to Reports > ID Card

    (Option 1 of opening the ID Card Options: 1) Report Menu 2) ID Cards)
    (Option 2 of opening the ID Card Options: Print ID Card Button)

  • The ID Card Options window will appear

  • Click the NEW button
    (ID Card Options window)

  • Click the Black Drop Down Arrow under Select Card Style
    (Expanded ID Card Options, Select Card Style Drop Down Arrow)

  • Click the Browser Tab
    (Expanded ID Card Options, Browser Tab)

  • Select your ID card template and click the IMPORT button
    (Note: The icon may say 'BLANK')
    (Select Card Style, 1) Highlighted Template Icon 2) Click the Import button)

  • Choose a Security level
    (Note: Standard Option of Available to All is acceptable)
  • Click the SAVE button when complete
    (Choose Security Level)

  • Now you will see your newly imported ID card in the Favorites Tab
  • Double Click your ID card template icon to enable
    (Select Card Style, Favorites Tab, Highlighted Favorite Template)

  • Click the SAVE AS button
    (Expanded ID Card Options, SAVE AS button)

  • Provide a Title for your New Preset
    (Example title(s): Membership ID, Member ID, Tribal ID, Elder ID, Minor ID...)
  • Click the OK buttonwhen complete
    (New Preset, 1) Enter Title 2) Click OK)

  • Complete Steps #2 and #3.
  • Step #2, Select a Hard Card Printer
  • Step #3, Complete all Additional Card Options
    (Note: Certification Paragraph may be left blank, if left blank, Progeny will use a default Certification Paragraph)
    (Expanded ID Card Options, 2) Select Card Printer 3) Complete Additional Card Options, click Save button)

  • Once steps #2, #3, are complete, click the SAVE button
    (Note: Make sure the click the SAVE button and not SAVE AS)

  • Click the VIEW button to preview your ID
    (Expanded ID Card Options, 1) click SAVEto save changes 2) click VIEW button to preview ID)

If there are an issue with the following instructions, please contact TDR Technical Support.
Thank you.
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