How to add a logo/seal

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How to add a logo/seal

Postby [TDR] Nathan Soliz » March 7th, 2013, 10:32 am

How do I add a logo/seal

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Applies To: v8.8+

NOTE: To complete the following instructions you must have the correct rights/privileges to Database Setup. If any of the buttons are inactive during this "How To" process, you should contact your Progeny administrator or IT for assistance.

How to add a logo/seal to ProgenyES 8.8+
  1. Begin by opening the Database Setup, click the (Database Setup) button on the left menu bar: Or use the Progeny menu and click Edit > Database Setup
    (diag: Left side menu bar, [Database Setup] icon highlighted)

  2. Once open, click on the (Seal/Logos) tab
    (diag: Database Setup Window, highlighting (Seal / Logo) Tab )

  3. Click the (Plus) icon to open the Import Logo From window:
    (diag: Highlighted (Plus/Add) button)

  4. Locate your Seal/Logo image, Select the Logo/Seal image and then click [Open] button when finished.
    (diag: Selection of image)

  5. Step 1: Enter a Image Title, or leave as is, then check the Default check box in order to make the logo the default logo, this will make the logo appear on all reports. Step 2: [Save/Exit] button when finished.
    (diag: Adding Title, Defaulting, and then [Save/Exit])
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