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How to import ID card templates (8.8)

PostPosted: January 18th, 2013, 3:15 pm
by [TDR] Nathan Soliz
Keywords: add id card, id card import, card template, card xml
Applies To: v8.8

NOTE: To complete the following instructions you must have the correct rights/privileges to update your ID card. If any of the buttons are inactive during this "How To" process, you should contact your Progeny administrator or IT for assistance.

How to import an ID card template into ProgenyES 8.8
  1. First, you need to copy/paste the card template (XML) into the correct location for the ProgenyES ID Card Options browser to discover it.
    (These instructions assume you received your card template from TDR technical support via email as an attached ZIP file)

  2. Save the ZIP attachment to a location you can easily navigate to, for example: My Documents or Windows Desktop
  3. Locate the ZIP file and extract all
    (Click HERE to learn how to extract files or folders from a compressed folder)

  4. Copy extracted template file, Right-click > Choose copy
    (Click HERE to learn how to copy and paste files)

  5. Open and log into ProgenyES
  6. Click File from the top menu bar
  7. Choose My Files > My Application Data from the file menu
  8. A Progeny folder will appear
    (On Windows 7, typically "C:\ProgramData\TDR\Progeny"; on Windows XP, typically "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\TDR\Progeny")

  9. Double-click the Cards folder
  10. Right click > Choose paste from right click menu
  11. Exit card folder
    (Close folder or Minimize)

  12. Go back to ProgenyES application and open a record which reflects your card type, for example: Member record for Member card, Employee record for Employee card... etc
  13. Click Print ID Card button from the records menu
    (diag: Print ID Card button from record menu bar)

  14. ID Card Options will appear
  15. Click (New) button
    (diag: ID Card Option window, New button)

  16. Click black down arrow for Select Style
    (diag: Select style black drop down arrow)

  17. Click Browse
  18. Double-click card icon
    (diag: Select Card Style window)

  19. Choose required Security Rights and click Save
    (diag: Security Rights window)

  20. Double-click template icon
    (diag: Favorites within Select Card Style window)

  21. Click Save-As button on lower right and enter a card title name
    (see Lower Buttons diagram)
  22. Complete steps 2 through 3
    (diag: ID Card Options window)

  23. When finished click Save button
    (see Lower Buttons diagram)
  24. Click Preview button to view card
    (see Lower Buttons diagram)