How do I export my current ID card template?

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How do I export my current ID card template?

Postby [TDR] Nathan Soliz » November 15th, 2012, 4:27 pm

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Applies To: v8.8+

!NOTE: To complete the following instructions you must have the correct rights to export your ID card. During the following instructions if any of the buttons are inactive you must contact your Progeny administrator.

To begin, open a member record and click on the 'ID Card Options' icon:
[Record menu bar: highlighted ID Card Options button, 4th icon from the left]

Select your Preset and Style (e.g. Membership Card) from the #1 Preset and Style section and then click the 'Edit' button:
[ID Card Options: highlighted 'Edit' button located in the #1 Preset and Style section]

On the right side of the expanded ID Card Options dialog, click the 'Select Card Style' drop down arrow to display favorite template(s):
[Expanded ID Card Options Dialog:]

From the favotires section, click on your current ID card template (The ID card template should already be lightly highlighted):
[Select Card Style: highlighted Template design selection]

Once your template is selected, click the 'Export' button on the bottom left of the Select Card Style section:
[Select Card Style: highlighted Export button located between, Add Card Design and Update]

Saving the file:
  1. Shows the current file export destination (reference only)
  2. Select 'desktop' for final export destination (recommended for quick locating)
  3. Enter a file name for your template (e.g. Membership ID)
  4. Click the 'Save' button to finish the process
[Specify Output File Dialog: File location set and save]

When you're done saving, please remember to zip your file before sending.
'Right click' on the ID card template file from your desktop (or your selected export destination), then choose 'Send to' and click 'Compress (zipped) folder/file':
This will create a .ZIP version of your template

Attach zipped file to email, then send your email to the corresponding TDR technical support staff member.
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