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How do I import information from a non-Progeny database?

PostPosted: September 5th, 2008, 4:03 pm
by Talisha Melluish
Keywords: data conversion, different database, data import, import data, database

Every database, spreadsheet, and application has a unique format or layout for storing data. Due to the complexity of importing from such a wide array of sources, the Progeny software does not provide an integrated import option for general data.

Progeny does support import from the standards-based GEDCOM 5.5 geneology format. This import option may be found under the File menu on the main Progeny window.

If you have data stored in a non-Progeny database or spreadsheet such as Microsoft Access, MOMs or TEAMS and are switching to, thinking of switching to, or have already switched to ProgenyES and would like to transfer the data to use in Progeny, the TDR technical staff can perform a customized conversion of your database or spreadsheets into the Progeny format so that you will not have to re-enter all of your records. If you are interested in our data conversion services, please contact TDR at (530) 222-2964 for further details and a quote.