How do I install the Progeny upgrade CD I recieved from TDR?

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How do I install the Progeny upgrade CD I recieved from TDR?

Postby Talisha Melluish » September 5th, 2008, 3:31 pm

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NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you make a backup of your current database before installing any upgrades.

Insert the upgrade CD into the CD drive. On the CD Startup page click on the ‘Install’ button to the left of Install ProgenyES. An install wizard will pop-up, follow the prompts by clicking Next. When the install has finished, you will be prompted to click Finish, then open your Progeny software as you would normally. As you log in, you will be prompted to upgrade your database. Select Yes and Progeny will automatically upgrade your database for you. Once the upgrade completes, Progeny will finish loading and you may continue working as you would normally.

Notes for Client-Server or Multiple Seat Users: All workstations must be installed with the same version of Progeny. The first workstation to login and connect to the server will automatically upgrade the databases. Until the database upgrade is complete, no other workstations should have the Progeny software started.

It is recommended that you have your IT Department or a TDR Technician available due to the necessary information needed to install on a network (if you do not have an IT Department you may contact a TDR Technician to assist you). You will also need to make sure you have administrative permissions on the computers you will be installing on.

If you experience any problems after running the upgrade please contact TDR at (530)226-9353.
Talisha Melluish

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