2009, 12/14: ProgenyES v8.5.21 Available

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2009, 12/14: ProgenyES v8.5.21 Available

Postby [TDR] Ross Hammer » December 14th, 2009, 5:31 pm

A new certified release of ProgenyES, v8.5.21, has been made available for download via customer login to the ProgenyES website. A patch from the previous version, the main Progeny setup, and a complete CD ISO image are all available for immediate download. Note that a valid license must be already installed or installed separately to enable the software.

Additionally, all customers with a current maintenance agreement will receive a product installation CD in the mail.

Key Updates in this Release:

- Custom Family Tree Reports: An all-new custom family tree report has been added, with options for your own paper size and orientation, choice of data points, desired generation levels, and more. Per-user named presets and a shared library of layouts complete this crucial update to the Progeny reporting system.

- Integrated Fingerprint Capture: Adding to Progeny’s already extensive digital identification system, we have added an all-new electronic fingerprint capture system using state-of-the-art Topaz RF fingerprint capture sensors. Stored prints may be reported in Profile reports, used on identification cards, and other key uses are coming.

- Integrated uEye Digital Camera: TDR is constantly researching new digital camera technology to improve and simplify ID badging. For Progeny users desiring a high-end photo capture solution, we are pleased to offer full integration with industrial-quality uEye digital cameras with through-the-lens live preview and other key benefits to quality and ease of use.

- New Family Card Report: Progeny is sporting a brand-new modern Family Report, Style 2 that fits nicely onto a single sheet of paper and highlights all the most important member and parent details.

- Additional Data Entry Updates: Besides the new “pop-up” Notes system, the Data Entry section has received additional updates including new Status codes and a visual indication of each changed field prior to saving. This allows the user to review the record for accuracy prior to saving as the changed fields will be highlighted during the data entry/edit process.

- Additional General Improvements: Besides the obvious changes, a number of small improvements, additions and corrections have been made in our efforts to make ProgenyES as effective and reliable as possible.
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