2014, 08/29: ProgenyES v9.0.2 Available

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2014, 08/29: ProgenyES v9.0.2 Available

Postby [TDR] Ross Hammer » August 29th, 2014, 12:19 pm

A new certified release of ProgenyES, v9.0.2, is available via customer login to the ProgenyES website. The main Progeny Setup is available for immediate download.

Key Updates in this Release:

- New Custom Payment Address: A new custom address has been added to the payment routing to provide an optional payment mailing address separate from the regular mailing and street address for cases where the check is to be received or held by a third party.

- Added Custom Record Coloring: The data entry form now supports custom border coloring, empowering you to apply in-office policies for visually flagging different types of special records.

- Automatic Staggered Backup Cleanup: The automatic backup system has been improved with an automatic cleanup feature that will remove old, expired backups. Combine this with a 3rd party cloud storage or backup solution for effective worry-free backups that should never run out of space.

- Additional General Improvements: Besides the obvious changes, the entire software has had a thorough review with many minor adjustments and improvements in our efforts to make ProgenyES as effective and reliable as possible.
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