2012, 04/25: ProgenyES v8.8.4 Available

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2012, 04/25: ProgenyES v8.8.4 Available

Postby [TDR] Ross Hammer » April 26th, 2012, 8:14 am

A new certified release of ProgenyES, v8.8.4, is available via customer login to the ProgenyES website. The main Progeny Setup is available for immediate download. Note that a valid license must be already installed or installed separately to enable the software.

Key Updates in this Release:

- Integrated Tutorial Videos: A brand new feature of Progeny is the additional of integrated tutorial videos. Key features have tutorial videos linked to them, which may be viewed by clicking the "What’s This?" window button, and then the area of interest. There are several tutorials included already, and more will be added with each release.

- Added Custom Fields for ID Cards: The ProgenyES Identification Card System now has the capability of automatically including custom data from your records, making them even more customizable and stream-lined.

- Additional General Improvements: Besides the obvious changes, a number of improvements, additions and corrections have been made in our efforts to make ProgenyES as effective and reliable as possible.

Note to ID Works Users: Significant changes were made between 8.5 and 8.8, which will require an update to your card project. It is recommended to transistion to using the integrated Progeny ID system, which TDR staff can assist with at no additional cost (for the first two cards). If you have an Olympus camera or a Datacard signature pad, you will likely need to get a new camera or signature capture pad.
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